Corporate Leasing and Facilities Services:  Data Center - Primary and Back-Up Rollout

case study 2

The Issue

Senior management determined that its’ existing computer facilities needed to be replaced due to functional inefficiencies and expanded band width requirements.  SCRE was hired to not only find the sites, but to do so in a staged process with minimum capital to be spent by the corporation.


The Process

SCRE worked with the client’s I.T & Real Estate and Facilities departments to understand staffing, technical needs and geographic constraints. Available power levels and redundancy of service, infrastructure, connectivity, expandability and timing were to be considered. 
Once the review process was completed SCRE worked with its’ local representatives and surveyed the area for suitable facilities.  In addition to typical office concerns and support services, flood plain issues, climate, access, fiber service had to be considered.


The Solution

Within 12 months of inception the client was able to take down a primary site of roughly 10,000 useable square feet that was to be delivered “rack – ready” with UPS, air conditioning, two foot raised floor, generators, full engineering with an initial clean power load of 100 watts per square foot.  Both the power level and floor space included expansion options which were later exercised.  Capital outlay was minimized and an orderly migration occurred. 
A second site was required to provide an adequate disaster recovery infrastructure. This site was larger, with a net savings in excess of $25MM being afforded to the client as the space was in a regular office building, with power and the majority of support services in place already.  Some capital was required, with a quick payback due to reduced rent. SCRE facilities group not only helped to secure the space, but also played a role in reviewing MEP design which reduced capital outlay by nearly $5MM.