Global In-Sourcing

case study 4SCRE was retained to assist a multinational client in retooling its’ customer call centers.

The Issue

Management had decided that while outsourcing appeared to be the least expensive route for many operations functions, quality and repeat calls were having a negative impact on quality and the firm’s bottom line. Challenges confronting the company included level of education, labor pools, language barriers and costs to operate.

The Process

SCRE along with a consulting affiliate designed a program to evaluate regional education, levels of employment, age of population, other major employers, infrastructure, municipal benefits and language skills. Once completed, surveys were sent out and communities were carefully compared. A list of semifinalists was created and site inspections followed.

The Solution

Within 18 months after process initiation two service centers able to accommodate up to 750 seats each were opened in Mid Atlantic US and Eastern Europe. Costs were reduced and customer satisfaction was brought back in line with management expectations.